Computational Cognitive Science and Modeling Research Group
Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences
University of Luxembourg


Reader in Computational Neuroscience and Visual Cognition
Department of Informatics
King's College London
University of London

Research Interests

Neural Networks

deep learning; biologically-inspired neural networks; adversarial robustness; representation learning; dynamic and deformable neural networks

Computational Neuroscience

predictive coding; neural information processing and coding; dendritic computation; cortical feedback connections; cortical region interactions

Computer Vision

object recognition; viewpoint invariance; image segmentation; object detection; tracking; anomaly detection; generalisation; out-of-distribution rejection; open-set recognition

Visual Cognition

visual attention; biased competition; top-down and contextual influences; visual salience; perceptual inference

Machine Learning

sparse coding; continuous learning; few-shot learning; unsupervised and self-supervised learning; competitive learning; classification; clustering; contrastive and deep-metric learning

Learning and Development

cortical, behavioural and cognitive development; perceptual learning; perceptual and conceptual development; epigenetic and developmental robotics

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